Careers in Consulting

About the Panel

"CONSULTING!" can seem like the most frequently-cited knee-jerk response to the question "What industries value graduate student and postdoc skills?" And it's true that consulting companies are among the most vocal employers when it comes to actively recruiting individuals with advanced degrees. Join us for a cadnid discussion of what consultants actually do; about the  players in the industry; about what kinds of jobs are available; and about how can graduate students start to tackle the rigorous and complicated recruitment process.


Justin Kern, PhD, Associate at McKinsey and Company: Prior to joining McKinsey, Justin earned his Ph.D. at the University of Chicago in microbiology and was an NRSA fellow at Stanford University in developmental biology. Justin spends his free time with his wife (AB '04 and Ph.D. '11) and young son and is an avid photographer.

John Suffern, Vice President, Nonprofit Services & Solutions, Lumity: With 25 years of experience in information data management, workforce development, business development, customer relations and project management, John oversees Administration, Financial Services, and leads the Technology Services. He has 12 years of experience working with the government workforce development programs.

Ran Wei, PhD, Manager at Analysis Group: Dr. Wei specializes in securities economics, finance, and valuation in the context of litigation. She has extensive experience dealing with issues of damages, loss causation, materiality, liability, market efficiency, class certification, and settlement prediction. Dr. Wei has assessed damages in complex securities, mutual fund, and ERISA matters. She has examined, among other factors, the impact of alleged misleading disclosures, accounting fraud, and insider trading on security prices. She has also consulted on mutual fund matters involving allegedly misstated net asset values related to exposure in the subprime mortgage market, and assisted companies in distributing settlement awards to shareholders in these matters. Her research has included modeling corporate risk exposure and estimating securities market effects on regulation and firm disclosures. She has published articles in several peer-reviewed publications, including the Journal of Monetary Economics, Journal of Banking and Finance, and the Journal of Operational Risk. Dr. Wei was previously a director at Navigant Economics and Chicago Partners LLC.

Steven Won, PhD, Project Leader at The Boston Consulting Group: Steven Won is currently Project Leader in the Chicago Office of The Boston Consulting Group. He received his PhD in Particle Physics from Northwestern University and was a Research Associate at CERN, prior to joining BCG.


Christopher Boyson, PhD, Postdoctoral Scholar at The University of Chicago: Currently Chris works in the Psychiatry and Behavioral Neuroscience Department. He was part of a team of graduate students and postdocs awarded an Innovation Grant to support the creation of a Graduate and Postdoc Consulting Group at the University of Chicago. Prior to joining U of C, Chris earned his PhD and MS in Psychology at Tufts University. During his free time, Chris enjoys skiing, hiking and playing softball.