Careers in Consulting


"CONSULTING!" can seem like the most frequently-cited knee-jerk response to the question "What industries value graduate student and postdoc skills?" And it's true that consulting companies are among the most vocal employers when it comes to actively recruiting individuals with advanced degrees. Join us for a candid discussion of what consultants actually do; about the players in the industry; about what kinds of jobs are available; and about how can graduate students start to tackle the rigorous and complicated recruitment process.


Michael Glotter, Consultant, Boston Consulting Group (PhD Geophysical Sciences 2015)

Michael Glotter received his bachelor’s degree in 2010 in Earth Systems Science and Engineering from the University of Michigan Department of Atmospheric Oceanic and Space Sciences. Following his undergraduate studies, he attended the University of Chicago, and in 2015, graduated with a Ph.D. in Geophysical Sciences. His graduate research focused on the impacts of climate change and climate extremes on U.S. and global crop production, including the prospects of feeding the world in an uncertain future. After graduating, he participated in the AAAS Congressional Science Fellowship, working in the office of Senator Al Franken as an advisor on energy, climate, agriculture, and environmental legislation. Michael is currently working as a consultant at the Boston Consulting Group out of their Chicago office. LinkedIn

Sarah LeBaron von Baeyer, Consultant, ReD Associates (PhD Yale Cultural Anthropology 2015)

Sarah LeBaron von Baeyer completed her PhD at Yale University, where she is currently a lecturer in East Asian Studies and Anthropology. She has also worked as a consultant for ReD Associates since 2015. LinkedIn

Caitlin Sullivan Trejo, Associate, McKinsey & Company (PhD Biophysics 2014)

Caitlin Trejo, Consultant at McKinsey and Company, joined McKinsey’s Chicago office after earning her Ph.D. in Biophysical Sciences from the University of Chicago. During her doctoral research, she used x-ray crystallography and normal mode analysis simulations to understand how Sin, a protein in S. aureus, moves when it rearranges DNA. At McKinsey, Caitlin’s work has been in healthcare and in operations within multiple industries. She spends her free time with her husband and young daughter. LinkedIn


Pam Schilling, CEO and Career Strategist, Arch Career Partners and Associate Professor at North Park University (MBA 2000)

Pam Schilling has deep experience in the consulting industry from inside and out. As a graduate of the MBA program at Chicago Booth, she began her management consulting career with Diamond (now part of PwC). She later worked at Chicago-based NAVTEQ, Huron Consulting Group, and Booz & Company. Pam recruited MBA graduates as a consultant and hiring manager, and worked with hundreds of MBA students and alumni across the globe as a career/executive coach in her private coaching and formerly with the Career Services team at Chicago Booth. Today, as a respected advisor to students at all levels, developing and experienced professionals, universities, and companies, she is recognized for her practical approach, strategic insights and creative solutions to help clients advance job searches or achieve professional goals. Pam inspires and guides her clients as they work through the toughest professional challenges to reach their highest potential. LinkedIn