Careers in Data Science


One of the fastest areas of the economy is data science. But it's an amorphous field that encompasses many different skillsets and job descriptions. Find out what you need to know about taking first steps into data science careers.


Michael Corey, PhD, Population Scientist at Facebook: Michael Corey is  a population scientist working on collecting, validating, and analyzing new and existing survey data. His research focuses on internet use in developing countries and making population estimates from sampled populations on- and off-line. Prior to joining Facebook Corey did graduate study in sociology at Chicago, Oxford, and the LSE. He did further work at the Harris School of Public Policy, the American Journal of Sociology, NORC, and the Center for TIme Use Research.

Chris Monsour, MS, VP Analytics, Predictive Business Applications at CNA: Christopher Monsour, MS, VP Analytics, at CNA Insurance leads the Predictive Business Applications team, which is responsible for building predictive pricing models for commercial insurance products, ranging from Workers Compensation to Directors & Officers Liability.  Christopher has a Master's degree in mathematics from the University of Chicago.

Kevin Novak, MS, Head of Data Science at Uber: Kevin Novak is Head of Data Science at Uber Technologies. The Data Science & Analytics team is responsible for pre-feature development research and feasibility experimentation, as well as post-facto analysis to determine the efficacy and quality of complex data features and products.

Muhammad Waliji, MS, Data Scientist at MetroMile: Muhammad Waliji is a data scientist at Metromile, a San Francisco-based startup that is using technology to make car insurance fair for urban car owners. His work includes using geospatial databases to deduce the actual roads traversed starting from noisy GPS coordinates. He also munges data from automotive computers and cellphones. Previous to his work at Metromile, Muhammad was a data scientist at Google. On Google Storage Analytics, he analyzed a petabyte of hard disk activity traces to optimally place files either on flash storage or on hard disks. On Google Search Infrastructure, he was responsible for the 0.2 seconds in "Results 1 - 10 of 1,000,000 in 0.2 seconds". He holds an MS in Statistics and a BA in Mathematics from the University of Chicago.