Careers in Tech


Computer scientists are in high demand across all sectors of the labor economy. Innovation in this field is driven by the technology industry, making this an exciting space for people with advanced training in computer science. This panel will explore the career opportunities for trainees with software skills within the tech industry and discuss best practices for professional success after graduate school.  Panelists will discuss examples of projects and provide advice for entering and succeeding in the tech sector.


Susan Stevens (MS'15 Computer Science) is a Mobile Applications Developer at Solstice Mobile, a consulting company in Chicago, IL. She graduated from UChicago's Masters Program in Computer Science in June 2015. Prior to beginning her masters degree, Susan worked for non-profit organizations in San Francisco and Chicago. As an undergraduate, she studied Philosophy at Denison University. 

Srikant Veeraraghavan (PhD'14, Physical Chemistry; MS'10 Physical Sciences) is a Data Scientist at Expedia. He started at Orbitz (right after Expedia started the acquisition process) in May 2015 after graduating with a PhD in physical chemistry from the University of Chicago. He had the good fortune (or misfortune, depending on how you look at it!) to work on a daunting and complex project on the personalization of hotel search results - the pet project of none other than the erstwhile Orbitz CEO himself - from data collection and literature survey to model building to A/B testing. Currently, he has again been fortunate to secure a key role in a high priority project related to revenue management. For his dissertation, he worked on a convex optimization formulation of an approximate solution to the many-electron Schrodinger equation. As an undergraduate in chemistry at IIT Bombay, he worked on numerous projects which whetted his appetite for modeling and computation of real (and not-so-real) world phenomena.

Anna Olson (MS'14, Computer Science), Software Engineer at Google. Anna has been at Google Chicago since June 2015, and works on data security and privacy. Before working at Google, she got an MS in computer science from UChicago. Anna has also worked at Raytheon SAS as a systems analyst, and studied mathematics at Carnegie Mellon for undergrad.

Jake Radkiewicz, Engineering Manager at Uptake (MS Computer Information Systems at Elmhurst College) started his career in the US Army, spending 18 months in Iraq in support of OIF. After leaving the Army, he pursued my Masters in Computer Information Science from Elmhurst College, and then joined a consulting company in the suburbs of Chicago. Jake joined as an entry level programmer and soon rose to be one of the leaders in the company partnering with clients and teams to deliver predictable software. He spent 8 years in consulting working with all kinds of clients from break bulk shipping companies to the U.S. Air Force. He then spent about 2 years at Deloitte as Software Architect before finding the most amazing startup to join. He is currently an Engineering Manager for Uptake Technologies and has helped grow the engineering team from 4 to over 150 in about a year. Uptake works with technologies like Apache Spark, Scala, Kafka and Cassandra to provide big data analytics and predictions for the enterprise industrial space.