Morning Workshops

GradUCon typically begins with morning workshops, presentations, and breakfast. The goal is to orient you to some important professional skills and to prep you for the remainder of the day. At GradUCon 2015, the morning presentations/workshops are:

The Academic Job Market Cover Letter: Mastering the Genre

This presentation will offer best practices for crafting the academic job market cover letter. It's a document with specific rules and conventions, and knowing them can help get you to the top of the hiring committee's pile.  Presenter: A-J Aronstein, M.A. is Associate Director of Graduate Career Development and Employer Relations; and Lecturer in the Humanities Division.

Getting TO the Interview: Résumés and Cover Letters for Non-Academic Jobs

This seminar will address basics of Résumé writing including an in-depth study of crafting effective bullet points.  It will also establish an easy framework for crafting tailored cover letters.  Presenter: Michael A. Tessel, Ph.D. is Assistant Director of Graduate Career Development in the office of Graduate Student Affairs.

Interview Best Practice(s)

Practice interviewing for non-academic jobs, but practice techniques that can help you, no matter what the job description is.  Facilitator: William Weaver, Ph.D. is Assistant Director of Graduate Program Engagement. Additional Graduate Student Affairs staff will be on hand to coordinate practice!