Negotiation Best Practices


Negotiation is the final stage of winning a job—yet it’s often overlooked. Job candidates are so elated to receive an offer that they often feel like negotiation is inappropriate. But negotiation is an important element of the job process and is expected by most hiring manager. Tactful and diplomatic negotiation is an important skill, as it’s important to both understand what you are worth as a job candidate and how not to alienate individuals who will soon be your managers! 


Emily Whitman Eastman (MA'01, BA'01, Social Sciences) After a 10 year career in student career advising and support, Emily W. Easton currently serves as the Associate Dean of Students in the Physical Sciences Division at the University of Chicago. She started giving presentations on negotiations in 2009 after realizing how little information there was out there. Since then, she has hosted presentations at the University of Illinois at Chicago, the Gamma Phi Omega National Conference, the Hispanic Alliance for Career Enhancement, and the University of Chicago. She holds a M.A. and B.A. from the University of Chicago and is currently completing her dissertation on new media and musical choice at the University of Illinois at Chicago.