For Employers

Employers at GRADUCon

We welcome employers to GRADUCon, and offer the opportunity to hold one-on-one conversations with University of Chicago graduate students and postdocs; to attend panel discussions and receptions; and to provide us feedback on how to improve the event in future years.

If you are interested in attending as an employer, please contact Michael Tessel, Associate Director of Graduate Career Development and Employer Relations at the University of Chicago.

Why attend GRADUCon as an Employer?

GRADUCon is the university's campus-wide career conference for Graduate Students and Postdocs. Annually, it attracts 500+ trainees from across disciplines and fields. It's a great opportunity to learn about students and postdocs at the institution, while participating in ongoing conversations about the usefulness of graduate-level skills in your organization

How can employers be involved?

We welcome you to participate in one-on-one discussions with our students and postdocs, especially if you are interested in recruiting on campus. These conversations can be incredibly helpful to candidates, as they think about next steps after their program.

Additionally, we invite you to provide materials about your organization; to attend in-depth panel discussions on a range of topics that may be of interest to you; and join us for our reception at International House.

Your participation this year will help us continue to develop the program and make it more useful in coming years.

Is there a cost to attend GradUCon?

In 2018, there is no cost for employers to attend GRADUCon. However, there are options for sponsorship and increased visibility to support the event. We invite you to be in touch with Michael Tessel, Associate Director of Graduate Career Development and Employer Relations to talk about options.