First Year as Faculty (Humanities/Social Sciences)


Lauren Stokes (Assistant Professor of History, Northwestern University, PhD History 2016)

Lauren Stokes (Ph.D., University of Chicago, 2016) is a historian of modern Germany, with a particular focus on migration and race in German history. She is currently at work on a book manuscript about “family reunification” for foreign workers in West Germany, one that explores the ways that regulation of the intimate sphere was linked to broader processes of labor migration, national identity formation, and European integration. She currently conducts research in German, Spanish, Italian, and Turkish. Prior to her doctoral studies, Stokes received a BA in History and German Studies from Swarthmore College. Her work has been funded by organizations including the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, the Fulbright Foundation, and the Council on European Studies. Besides migration, she also maintains an active interest in the history of capitalism, the history of sexuality and gender identity, and public history. At Northwestern, she teaches courses on modern German history and migration and race in European history. Faculty Page

Cameron Cross (Assistant Professor of Iranian Studies, University of Michigan, PhD NELC 2015)

Cameron Cross (PhD, Univ. of Chicago, 2015) specializes is classical Persian literature, especially the epic, lyric, panegyric, and didactic verse of the tenth to fifteenth centuries. Chief among these interests is the study of the romantic/epic narratives from the standpoint of narrative, structure, morality, gender, context, and intertext. His current book project is a literary and intellectual history tracing the emergence of the ‘romance’ as a literary genre and the idea of ‘romantic love’ as an ethical praxis within this generic tradition. At Michigan, Cameron teaches a variety of courses in Iranian cultural and literary studies: Iranian cinema, modern Persian poetry, classical texts, narratives of travel and ethnography, and mystical poetry. Faculty Page

Ana Sánchez-Rojo (Assistant Professor of Music, Tulane University, PhD Music History 2016)

Ana Sánchez-Rojo currently works as an Assistant Professor of Musicology at the Newcomb Department of Music of Tulane University. She completed her doctorate in music history at the University of Chicago, with a dissertation titled “Music and Public Opinion in Late Eighteenth-Century Madrid,” where she examines music theater pieces as well as press debates around them. She obtained her master’s degree in musicology at the University of Texas at Austin, with a thesis on eighteenth-century cathedral music from her native Puebla, Mexico. Doctor Sánchez-Rojo specializes in music of the Spanish Empire, both in the peninsula and in the Americas. She also works on Latin American popular music. Faculty Page


Emily Lynn Osborn (Associate Professor of African History, UChicago Department of History)

Emily Lynn Osborn is an Associate Professor of African History and African Studies in the Department of History. Professor Osborn is actively involved with many professional development opportunities that better prepare graduate students for their first year in careers on the tenure track and beyond. She currently serves as the director of the Department of History's Academic Job Market Workshop, its Pedagogy Workshop, and as the faculty co-director of the American Historical Association's Career Diversity for Historians initiative. Before coming to the University of Chicago, she taught at the University of Notre Dame.  Faculty Page