Preparing for GradUCon


GRADUCon is meant to be helpful to graduate students and postdocs, not just as a way of providing you with a day of events and networking opportunities, but also as a means of thinking about your individual career goals, and about the many paths that you might take after completing graduate work in your field.

GRADUCon is:

  • A day of panel discussions and resources that will give you concrete takeaways for your job search and professional development, regardless of whether you are a PhD or Master's student, postdoc, or alum of a graduate program at the University of Chicago
  • A one-stop-shop to get aquainted with resources at UChicagoGRAD, the Chicago Center for Teaching, the Alumni Association, and elsewhere.
  • A series of opportunities to meet graduate students and postdocs across disciplines to talk about academic and career goals that matter both inside and outside the academy
  • A chance to network with graduate alumni in a diversity of fields and ask them about their particular career trajectories and how they have used the skills they developed in graduate schools to be successful in their professional life

Keep in mind that GRADUCon is what you make of it. Take advantage of the panel discussions, but also the opportunity to meet with your fellow graduate students and postdocs, and to network with alumni. When you receive your degree you won't just be an alum of your program--you'll be entering into a much wider community of University of Chicago alumni.